Media City Social Space

Ziferblat Media City is a pay per minute social space, used as an alternative to a coffee house, coworking space or a lounge.

We charge 8 pence per person per minute and everything else is free. Just turn up, we will ask you to sign in and you can then help yourself to tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices, breakfast, pastries, toasties, cereals, cakes, brownies, cookies, biscuits, salads, snacks and 100mb Wi-Fi – Everything!

Ziferblat is a home from home. In this shared space you are free to work, study, relax, hold a meeting or workshop, read a book, play piano and get acquainted with good people.

Our Ziferblat hosts will welcome you anytime, we want you to sit back, kick your shoes off and treat the place like home.

Choose from cakes, biscuits, brownies, fruits, breads and cereal. Make your own jam on toast or treat yourself to a cheese toastie.

We have 43 different kinds of tea, our own special Ziferblend coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of soft drinks.

The perfect place to meet with a co-worker, colleague or client. Have a chat on a sofa or use one of the more business like desk spaces.

Child friendly with plenty of toys and activities for the little ones. We are also registered breast feeding friendly.

We are dog (or cat or any other animal for that matter) friendly so you are welcome to bring along your furry friend.

There is a wide range of games available, from the classic Monopoly to the new favourite Cards Against Humanity.

Plug in your laptop, charge up your phone or top up your camera batteries. You’re never more than a few feet from a power socket.

Our Wifi is super fast and super reliable, perfect for remote working or studying (OK we know you’ll probably use it for Facebook really).

What, Where, Who @ Ziferblat Media City

Split over two levels in the base of the Tomorrow Building, the interior combines the building’s studio warehouse aesthetic with a cosy vintage sitting room. Ziferblat’s largest branch to date acts as a welcomed respite from the bustle of life on the Salford waterfront.

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