A coworking space is a shared workspace which offers the benefits of having an office to work from, without the headaches and costs associated with having full time office space.

Just turn up, sign in and leave when you want. It is much more flexible than a traditional office space, enabling individuals to work alone, or meet with clients and colleagues. Coworking spaces are great locations for meetings and presentations, and have none of the overheads associated with a traditional office.

Coworking also provides a solution to the isolation that a lot of home-workers and freelancers experience. By being a shared environment, coworking spaces lend themselves to sparking up conversations and meeting new people.

The perfect place to meet with a co-worker, colleague or client. Have a chat on a sofa or use one of the more business like desk spaces.

Plug in your laptop, charge up your phone or top up your camera batteries. You’re never more than a few feet from a power socket.

Our Wifi is super fast and super reliable, perfect for remote working, teleconferencing or uploading that report that has to be finished today .

Help yourself to as much tea and coffee as you need to keep you working, there is fresh coffee on the go all day.

Our kitchen is fully stocked with a range of foods for breakfast and lunch. Or why not bring your own food and heat it up here.

Suitable for meetings small and large, our lounge has a number of spaces that are great for group catch ups and presentations.

If you need to print something just ask, you can email your documents directly to our business grade printer.

Choose from cakes, biscuits, brownies, fruits, breads and cereal. Make your own jam on toast or treat yourself to a cheese toastie.

Part of what makes us unique is that everything you receive is free, the coffee, the cake, the wi-fi, everything, you pay only for the time you spend at just 8p a minute. If you want to spend the day with us, your spend will be capped at 4 hours and the rest of your time is free! That includes Vat and we don’t don’t charge for service or, in fact, anything else at all. There is no contract, no signing up or joining fee. Just turn up and enjoy.

3 Ways to Pay

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