About Ziferblat

Ziferblat began as a community of poets aspiring to progress their work. The little attic they chose to meet at developed into a shared place for like-minded individuals. More people came as the space thrived and matured into its own environment,informed by those who inhabited it.

When the “tree house” became overpopulated, Ivan looked elsewhere for more space. Originally the attic was sustained through voluntary guest donations. They created the pay per minute model we see today to govern Ziferblat’s economics. This allowed for a more formal but necessary way to structure guests’ attendance. On arrival, guests were treated like a visitor to one’s own home, with tea and cakes laid out for them to help themselves.

Today, Ziferblat has grown to over 14 venues around the world. Acting as a cultural centre, an entertainment venue, a co-working area and a social space, Ziferblat has broadened its horizons. There are no restrictions here other than all must respect the space and others in it.

“Our mission is to create a place conducive to people to feeling free, devoid of the pressures of modern living.”

– Ivan Meetin