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The Sitting Room



Our largest space and the one you will

be most familiar with. The Sitting Room

is a relaxed open area with a fully

stocked kitchen, breakfast bar, piano,

record player, speaker system, balcony

and various seating arrangements.

The Studio



A blank canvas and our most flexible

room. Accessed through double doors

straight off the Sitting Room, the

Studio can accommodate up to 82 people

in theatre style. This versatile space

is ideal for exhibitions and larger


The Classroom



Revel in the nostalgia of the happiest

days of your life in our recreated

Primary School Classroom. With lots of

cues from childhood this room is perfect

for workshops, demonstrations and


The Meetin Room



Named in honour of our Russian Founder

and real life Mr Ziferblat, Ivan Meetin.

This room is done out in the style of

our Russian ancestors, rich, warm

colours and a bit more Dr Zhivago than

Trans-Siberian Railway.

The Dining Room



Our smallest room but one with great

aspirations. Always laid out as a dining

room with a huge (i.e. unmovable) table

and 18 chairs it is perfect for more

intimate events and smaller meetings.

You can hire the whole of Ziferblat, you only have to ask!

Please contact Joseph Davies on 07802 726606 or email  bookings@ziferblat.co.uk

for more information.


We welcome meetings, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, events, workshops and activities of all kinds. We offer the usual “closed” rooms for private meetings and events but we also offer “open” rooms for people and organisations who want to hold events aimed at the general public; we will help you sell tickets and promote it online and in the branch. These events can be writing classes, design workshops, digital training courses, exhibitions, performance arts, talks, knitting, yoga, painting classes, photography and anything else you can think of. If your group, club or organisation needs a home, you just found it! Ziferblat is a shared social space so we are keen to encourage all kinds of happenings for our guests. Feel free to choose from our 5 rooms; decide when and how long you want it and you will just be charged the Ziferblat rate.


Ziferblat rate = 6pence per person per minute.

We don’t charge for room hire, we charge 6 pence per person per minute with a minimum hourly spend based on the capacity of the room. This is non-refundable and payable on booking. Additional catering is available on request or you are welcome to bring your own!


Minimum spend (per hour basis)

Ziferblat always includes:


- Help from Ziferblat Hosts


- Projector facilities (please ask)


- 100Mb Wi-Fi


- Full ZiferKitchen with unlimited free coffee, tea, soft drinks, n flavoured waters, cakes, biscuits, toast, savoury snacks and cereals.




The Sitting Room

The Studio

The Classroom

The Meetin Room

The Dining Room

The Whole Thing













Room Maximum Capacities:

The Sitting Room

250 standing, 90 cabaret

The Studio

100 standing, 80 theatre

The Classroom

40 theatre, 34 classroom, 32 cabaret, 24 conference

The Meetin Room

30 theatre, 24 cabaret, 16 conference, 16 classroom

The Dining Room

18 conference

Floor plan

Room booking form

Want to chat to someone??


Please contact Joseph Davies on 07802 726606 or email  bookings@ziferblat.co.uk for more information.


Paul from Agent running a workshop for Bauer Media


“We recently booked the workshop space at Ziferblat Manchester, taking over all 4 rooms for two whole days. I would not hesitate in recommending using Ziferblat as a venue for team meetings, workshops or just general get togethers.  I am sure you wont be disappointed.”

Rachael from NHS Bolton


“The facilities and support has been amazing and the unique space allowed the team to get the best out of the time. You can't underestimate the impact an environment has on productive teamwork. We will continue to use Ziferblat as a venue for our events.”

Rachel from Manchester Digital


“Everything went really well! We'll definitely be coming back to Ziferblat for our events - it was the perfect space!”