We are Wholesale, Roastery & Coffee Shop, based in the historic georgian quarter area of Liverpool

We work with global green coffee merchants, who have strong relationships with coffee farmers. This gives us the ability to trace our beans back to the farm where they grew, ensuring we have the knowledge that they have been sourced & harvested in the most ethical and sustainable manner

We use small batch, hand roasting methods to ensure we consistently get the best quality and flavour from our coffees whilst maintaining maximum freshness


coffee roasting

Roasting and brewing exceptional coffee is our passion, This is what inspires us and permeates through our business.


Roasting coffee is perhaps more like a disciplined art form than an exacting science. Our team, working with our Master Roaster, have years of experience in sourcing, roasting & blending coffees from around the world.


Maintaining a close working relationship with our suppliers and wholesale customers gives us the opportunity to experiment with new coffees, roasts & blends and offer a degree of personalisation not available with larger operations. We take every opportunity to hone our skills and add to our collective experience.


We use small batch, hand roasting techniques as these give us greater control over the roasting process, ensuring the final coffee we produce has the best flavour profile.


When sourcing green beans we look to numerous factors to help us make our decision;

  • Coffee Origin - country, region, farm
  • Environmental factors - altitude, soil, weather
  • Processing - natural / pulped natural / washed / fully washed / Swiss Water
  • Coffee Varietals - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Java, Mundo Novo, plus many, many more…
  • Fair treatment of coffee growing communities and the people who live there



Contact us:

W: 92degreescoffee.com

E: hello@92degreescoffee.com

Tw: @92degreescoffee
Fb: 92degreescoffee

Te: 01517091145

Current wholebean coffee we blended for you, which you are using in store:


70% - Brazilian Pulped Natural

30% - Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB


- Our COFFEE -

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